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DVD Storage – An Age Old Problem

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Although DVDs are in the process of being usurped by Blu-Ray as the medium of choice for the film industry, the chances are that DVDs are still the main way that you watch your favourite films. With this in mind, proper DVD storage racks is as pertinent as ever, and still one of the ways to greatly improve on the feel of a room.

Apart from endangering your favourite DVDs, leaving your DVDs laying around and about your room will have serious aesthetic implications. And, as even the most amateur of interior decorators knows, clutter is one of the main ways that the feel of a room can be brought down.

One way to solve the problem of loose DVDs is to hide them completely. However, as all proud DVD library owners know, good DVDs deserve to be shown off!

At The Plasma Centre we understand that DVDs dont need to be hidden away in order to look tidy, and that is why we stock a range of DVD storage racks – such as Alphason DVD racks – which means that you can not only keep your prized DVDs on show, but that they can fit easily into any style of room without looking cluttered.

An inherent tidiness isn’t the only advantage you’ll get from DVD storage racks, and DVD storage racks also make sorting and locating your DVDs much easier, which means that even if you have an extensive collection of discs, locating a partiuclar film should be a breeze.

Things to Consider when Buying Office Furniture

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In a working environment the utmost concerns are practicality and comfort; however, in a home office this needn’t come at the expense of aesthetic value, and nowadays there are some fantastic examples of office furniture available that are stylish whilst not shirking on practicality.

The centre piece of a modern office is the computer, and therefore the correct choice of computer desk is a vitally important. The Plasma Centre offers a wide range of computer desks to suit any home, whether contemporary or more traditional. Some great examples of desks are corner computer desks, such as the Alphason Urbana Corner Workstation, which are perfect for the making the most of often limited office space, and benefit from distinctly modern features such as a sliding keyboard shelf.

As well as a computer desk, a modern office should also have plenty of storage space available, especially for all of those CDs and DVDs. A great solution for effective storage of CDs and DVDs are CD and DVD racks, which are available in a variety of styles to suit any taste, whether you want to add a touch of traditional elegance with wooden materials, or you want to furnish a modern environment with modern plastics or glass.

When furnishing your office space, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are loads of storage solutions and workstations available nowadays, each benefitting from modern ingenuity and tried and tested elegance.

Available at The Plasma Centre are a wide range of office furniture solutions, such as hideaway computer desks or if required, TV stands; to accommodate to a multitude of requirements.

Choosing furniture for any room in the home

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The defining feature of any home is its furniture and reflects not only on a homeowner’s personality, but can also have a dramatic effect the overall atmosphere of a household. It is therefore important that you fill your home with furniture that is not only practical, but stylish.

A living room is probably the most frequented room in any modern home and therefore correct choice of living room furniture crucial. Like no other room in the home, living room furniture must create a live-able space whilst also not compromising on practicality. A great living room piece would be a Santa Fe Small CD/DVD Unit, which combines all the practicality and space saving features of DVD racks, but with a timeless and elegant material. Also availble at The Plasma Centre are Hi-Fi furniture pieces, such as racks, in materials ranging from wood to glass to suit any preference.

A bedroom is a distinctly private area, and therefore it should be a space to unwind in, and shouldn’t necessarily be overly concerned about practicality. A fantastic addition to any bedroom would be a Regency Solid Pine Dressing Stool, which would create a space in the bedroom perfect for pampering whilst not breaking the bank.

By contrast, an office area should be a space that oozes practicality, and makes long hours working run as smoothly as possible. This can be easily achieved by correct choice of corner computer desks, such as an Alphason Urbana Corner Workstation which is both elegantly designed and spatially efficient, as it can occupy the corner of your office space.

Here at The Plasma Centre we specialise in TV brackets and wall mounts for a range of TVs; also varied in design to suit any decor.

Maximize the space in your home with Racks and Cabinets

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The modern home is can be a haven of practicality and elegant minimalism; however, this is all too often sabotaged by the huge amounts of modern gadgets that we own, and a lack of places to store them. Luckily, however, there are a wide range of DVD racks, Hi-fi stands and TV cabinets available to cater to all of your storage requirements.

No modern household would be complete without a rich library of DVDs; however, DVDs are notorious for cluttering up a living space, going missing or getting trodden on. Luckily, these issues can be solved in one fell swoop, by the correct implementation of DVD racks.

While DVD’s and CD’s are notorious for cluttering up the home, the things you play them on can also overpower a room if your not careful. If you own a traditional “bulky” hi-fi for instance, this could counteract the effect of the rest of your furniture. A great way to get round this is by proper implementation of Hi-Fi furniture. A great Hi-Fi stand for a modern home would be the Atacama Equinox 2 shelf Hi-Fi stand in black from The Plasma Centre.

Finally, no modern home would be complete without a large screen TV. However, as these are often very thin, suitable TV stands are not only great aesthetically but are essential if you want your TV to stand up properly and safely.

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