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SANUS WSTV1-B2 Swivelling TV Base for Sonos PLAYBASE

Filed under: Plasma Centre News,Speakers,surround sound speaker stands — admin on March 17, 2017 @ 5:14 pm
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Sonos is the wireless home sound system that fills as many rooms as you want with great sounding music, movies and TV.Stream via WiFi. Play whatever youre craving. And amp up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound. Sonons is not just any old off the shelf stuff, each speaker is carefully designed with custom built components and proprietary software with over 30 streaming services available including Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, Soundcloud and more.

Sonos uses an app that helps you quickly search through all your services to track down your favourite music, play it and adjust the volume in different rooms throughout the home. You don’t even have to be in the same room as a speaker. And if your friends have the Sonos app, they can do the same, making Sonos the most accessible speaker system yet.


Sonos connects to your WiFi instead of using Bluetooth which means when the phone rings or the person with the music has to leave the room. With Sonos, the songs stream from your WiFi network (not your phone), so theres never any of the dropouts, delays or interruptions associated with Bluetooth.

More rooms ?

When you add more speakers to your Sonos setup that is when the fun really begins. You can start with one room and then continue to add until you have a sound system in each room and then control them all from one device, how cool is that ?


The quality of the Sonos speakers is excellent. We’re talking woofers and tweeters tailor-made to fit each speakers unique architecture. Internal smarts that instantly recognise how you’ve positioned your speaker, then balance its output accordingly. And Trueplay custom-tuning makes sure your music always sounds great, no matter where you place your speaker. And it isn’t like other speakers in that after a while their technology begins to deteriorate. The Sonos gets better the longer you own it, getting smarter with every software update. New services get added, new features introduced. Simply put, the Sonos speaker you buy today will be even more incredible tomorrow.

Playbar or Playbase ?

The Playbar is the perfect home cinema soundbar and music streaming speaker in one while the Playbase is the all-encompassing sound and music streaming for TVs on stands and furniture.

Sanus WSTV1-B2 Swivelling TV Base for Sonos Playbase Suitable for 32″-60″ TVs

The Sanus Swivelling TV Base Designed to Seamlessly Integrate the New Sonos Playbase with a Flat-Panel TV. It is designed to be compatible with the Sonos home theatre speaker, Playbase, the Sanus swivelling TV Base provides up to 20.3cm of TV height adjustability creating space to fit a Sonos PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR below your TV.

  • It can also tilt up 5 degrees
  • Works with any 32-60″ TV up to 60lbs
  • Can fit VESA 100×100 up to 600x400mm
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Tannoy Speakers Blog

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Over the past 90 years, yes 90 years, Tannoy has been the undisputed leader in loudspeaker design and audio quality. Since 1930 the company has been known as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and audio components. Throughout their time big names have used their products to create movies and such, for example in 1980 Vangelis composed the music to the blockbuster movie “Blade Runner” with the help of the Tannoy Dreadnought monitor. And now, in the modern day. The industry has taken off massively with many different competitors in the market such as Beats and Sony, meaning Tannoy has had to become even more creative in everything they do to be known as the weapon of choice for musicians and industry pros alike. Grammy Award-winning mixing legend Tony Maserati has mixed countless hit songs and albums on Tannoy monitors for close to three decades now. Their current line of products includes a range of home audio, home theatre and portable audio. They even custom install to someones desired needs.

At The Plasma Centre we view Tannoy as a great company with very valuable ideas that can carry on changing the world of music and design for the better. And this is why we have chosen a selection of their products to stock in our store. The available products that we have by Tannoy included in their Eclipse range are the; Mini bookshelf speaker, Three floor-standing speaker, Two floor-standing speaker, Centre speaker and the One bookshelf speaker.

  • The Mini bookshelf speaker only weighs a tiny 2.9Kg whilst still producing an amplifier power of 15-120 Watts RMS.
  • The Three floor-standing speaker is suitable for medium and larger sized rooms, the Eclipse Three is a substantial system upgrade for budget and more upmarket Hi-Fi systems as well as premium amplified network streamers.
  • The Two floor-standing speaker is ideal for upgrading a budget audiophile system or for use with amplified network streamers, the Eclipse Two delivers a big sound from a relatively compact cabinet.
  • The Centre speaker allows for various system configurations are possible with the Eclipse Centre as it will work well with either the Eclipse Mini or Eclipse One as the rear channel and Eclipse Two or Three for front left and right channel.
  • The One bookshelf speaker delivers a much larger and more spacious musical presentation than its small and compact dimensions suggest.

Another range we have in store is the Mercury, this speaker offers great value for money whilst having cutting edge sound quality. The Mercury 7.2 offers up to 200 Watts peak power handling capacity ensures Mercury wont suffer from musical compression or distortion for louder listening sessions. Its wide band frequency response from 42 Hz up to over 32 kHz and wide dynamic range makes Mercury 7.2 perfect for High Resolution Audio while retaining exceptional reserve for standard audio formats.

  • The Mercury 7.1 is ideal for connecting to budget stereo amplifiers or amplified network streamers, the Mercury 7.1 boasts class-leading peak power handling of 160 Watts and high 87 dB efficiency to get the best from even the smallest amplifiers.
  • The Mercury 7.4 Floor-standing Speaker has been made to further enhance imaging and produce the widest sound stage, the drivers are positioned in a DAppolito driver configuration. By placing the tweeter centrally between the two bass/mid drivers, the speakers dispersion characteristics are smoothed through the critical crossover region resulting in a highly articulate musical performance on or off the loudspeakers main axis. This eliminates the traditional sweet spot to deliver peak performance across more seats in your listening room
  • Mercury 7C Centre Speaker is similar to the Eclipse Centre speaker in the way that it can be combined with other speakers to increase performance to crystal clear level. Cosmetically the 7C matches the entire Mercury 7 series, the Mercury 7C is available in walnut, light oak or black oak luxury wood grain effect finish.


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New Mattress selection

Filed under: Plasma Centre News — admin on January 11, 2017 @ 5:19 pm
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In store we have stocked a selection of mattresses that can be fitted to many different purposes and needs.

Including memory foam design suited to give the buyer the most supported position possible whilst sleeping and lessen the tossing and turning giving a more refreshed wake up. This mattress provides a top comfort layer made of a specially developed extra soft material for a feeling of instant relaxation. As well as moulding to your body’s natural sleeping position, the specially developed Sareer Memory Foam’s extra soft material is designed to regulate temperature and humidity, maintaining a pleasant sleeping environment throughout the night.

The pocket sprung unit features individual pocket springs which work independently to react to your body’s movement and weight, offering complete support. Sareer’s pocket sprung mattress has a medium feel to it, and is perfect if you are looking for a mattress with cooling properties and a good combination of pressure relief and support.

Open coils provide excellent support and are used for most orthopaedic mattresses due to their firmness. They tend to have more give than pocket sprung mattresses, and are lighter and therefore easier to turn. Investing in an open coil mattress with an inbuilt memory foam topper will give a superior level of extra comfort.

The gel memory foam provides a top comfort layer made of a specifically developed extra soft material for a feeling of instant relaxation. Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle into your most comfortable position your body weight is redistributed reducing pressure whilst you sleep. Support, comfort and durability are uncompromising while you experience less tossing and turning during the night and wake up feeling refreshed.

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Bluetooth Speakers

Filed under: Plasma Centre News,Speakers — admin on December 20, 2016 @ 5:04 pm
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Say goodbye to your aux cables because Bluetooth technology is becoming more dominant in the speakers industry as people are constantly looking for easier ways to connect their devices to their speakers with no wires whether this be in a car or home. On our website we have a number of these Bluetooth speakers in a variation of sizes and colours, they are very portable products that also have long lasting battery life with an average play time ranging up to 20 hours.

Fresh ‘n’ Rebel have created a number of different of splash-proof speakers made for design lovers as much as for music lovers, it combines quality materials and excellent sound with a contemporary look and feel. So you can play your favourite tunes out aloud and thump along to the beat thanks to its first-class drivers and passive bass. Clad in a woven fabric with multi-coloured threads, it is embellished with a tanned leather label with embossed logo which gives it a great design.


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A How To Guide

Filed under: Plasma Centre News,Uncategorized — admin on December 8, 2016 @ 3:16 pm
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This is a guide to help our customers and other people out there having troubles with their new home equipment. Within this guide we will walk you through how to set up: TV Brackets, Cable management and some of our Equipment support.


We have a variety of brackets available in our store to fit a variety of needs; including the Flat, Tilt, Cantilever and Motorised bracketsto name a few. All of which fit a different purpose, the cantilever bracket offers the most versatility. These brackets feature the ability to pull off the wall and be rotated, making them the perfect bracket for corners, alcoves or easy access to the rear of the screen. The Flat bracket is a simple bracket that does not offer any features, these are ideal if you’d prefer to have your screen mounted as flat as possible to the wall without any worry or any need to move it. The Tilt bracket is very similar to the flat bracket apart from the added feature of a tilt, these are ideal for getting the perfect viewing angle in the living room or bedroom. The Motorised bracket offers the same features as the Cantilever bracket but with one major addition, the ability to move and control the bracket remotely without the need if manually moving it.

All of these brackets have the same method of assembly, which is:

  • To assemble this bracket to your wall firstly see if the bracket arms will fit the TV before you put this onto the wall.
  • If the bracket arms fit the TV nicely, measure it up against the wall where you want it to go and draw some marks where the screws will go.
  • These holes will now need to be drilled.
  • After they have been drilled the bracket will need to be fully assembled so add the remaining parts.
  • This will be ready for it to be mounted onto the wall and screwed in.

Shelf mounts/Equipment support

The shelf mounts are set up in a similar way to the brackets. The main body of the bracket just needs attaching to the wall via some drilled holes and the screws provided. They are easier to put up because there is no TV to fit to it, just the shelves which depending on the model/brand will attach simply to the body via a hook.

Cable Management

We sell a range of cable management solutions such as tubing that can run down walls in offices or places where there can be a busy network of wires. A lot of our stands and brackets also come with cable management features to allow for a neat, tidy and safe unit. We have recently just expanded the range of cable management boxes we have in stock now coming in a variety of colours, these are perfect for any office.


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